if you put “man” at the end of any sentence its AUTOMATICALLY platonic

"i love you, man."

"stay with me forever, man."

"fuck me hard in the ass, man."



in 60 years it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beautiful grape or not because we’ll all be raisins anyway

except for me

I’m gonna be a very expensive wine



continues to glue too many wings onto robins


If you become interested in a subject because of a fandom, that’s okay!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Want to play a sport because of a sports anime? Go ahead! Want to become a manga artist because of all those BL animes? Go for it! Want to become a terrorist because of Zankyou no Terror? Well actually


you could give me a whole month to do homework and i still wouldn’t start it till the night before it’s due what’s wrong with me why do i do this to myself


we should stop trying to make “strong” female characters and start striving for whole female characters because buxom chick with a gun who says “who needs men?? I don’t but the main male character is the one exception” that the male writer of a show would personally find appealing is fucking shallow and boring and its getting fucking old